Score Energy is a fully independent service centre capable of carrying out supply, overhaul, testing, repair and upgrades
on the following range of Solar® gas turbine Injectors, Accessories and Auxiliaries.

Engine capabilities include:

  • Saturn®
  • Centaur®
  • Taurus®
  • Mercury®
  • Mars®
  • Titan®

Core capabilities:

  • Duel Fuel Injectors
  • Fuel Control Valves
  • Fuel Rails Gas & Liquid
  • Fuel Pig Tails
  • Liquid Fuel Orifice
  • Lube Oil Pumps AC & DC
  • Starter motors Gas & Electric
  • Hydraulic Actuators

For further information please contact:

Solar, Saturn, Centaur, Mercury, Taurus, Mars, Titan, are trademarks of Solar Turbines Incorporated, which is not affiliated with Score Group plc