Brief History

The Siemens range of TB industrial gas turbine engines started with the TB3000 in the late 1960s as a twin-shaft machine for mechanical and electrical generation duties. Since these early days the power output has been increased to 4000hp and 5000hp, with the latest enhancement producing 5400hp.

As development progressed, mechanical arrangement changed little except for the introduction of an interduct between the gas generator and the power turbine when the TB4000 engine was introduced.

The gas generator consists of a 12-stage compressor and a 2-stage compressor turbine. External reverse-flow combustion chambers allow easy maintenance of the combustors and give a shortened overall length for the engine which incorporates a 2-stage power turbine supported from the gearbox casing and bolted to the gas generator via an interduct.

As a global leading Independent Repair and Overhaul Facility Score Energy has a wealth of experience in the maintenance of rotating equipment ranging from site visits by our own field service engineers to major repairs involving disciplined teams of various personnel at our overhaul facility in Peterhead. The in-house capabilities also include the refurbishment of all on-engine and off-engine accessories such as burner assemblies, blow-off valves and control valves.

At the Score Energy workshops a full overhaul of the gas generator and power turbine is carried out under ISO 9000 quality standards. This ensures that procedures are regularly assessed by internal and independent external quality control personnel. In order to reduce overhaul costs to the customer, many parts such as blading, combustion components, compressor discs and bearing journals can be reviewed for repair rather than replacement. In order to ensure longevity of operation and safe use, all turbine casings are treated with a sacrificial coating and after overhaul the TB gas generators are tested rigorously at Score Energy’s on-site test facility, which is capable of dual-fuel operation.

Finally, to ensure complete client satisfaction, live streaming of test data can be transmitted worldwide for remote witnessing of the engine test by the customer.

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